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Reviews from travelers who have stayed with us.
Posted Date : 26-1-2015
Enjoyed up to the core. Thanks.
Abdulla Vasif KP, Manjeri
Posted Date : 26-3-2016
Beautiful place, excellent views coupled with perfect hospitality. Jacob and family looked after us very well. Will surely be back. SUPERB STUFF!!
Thilak Banerjee & Ankur Saxena,
Posted Date : 26-3-2016
We have had an absolutely wonderful time at Chalet Mon Ami. The house is very beautiful and the rooms comfortable and bright. The strongest asset is the family who looked after us. They quickly provided everything we needed (even when we needed an extra ping pong player, their son helped out!). The food especially was delicious and provided in large and varied quantity. We really will find it difficulty to leave. Thank you and we will be back again in the future! EXCELLENT STAY!!!
Suzzane Rodden & Lweis Cook, Glasgow,
Posted Date : 31-3-2016
Excellent views and super climate and excellent service. Thank You.
R. Prathap, Coimbatore
Posted Date : 11-4-2016
We booked the room for two days but the place was so beautiful and peaceful, we extended our stay for another day. The service was excellent. The food was good. We enjoyed our stay. Superb! Superb!
S. Thiruvengalam & T. Sreikala, Bangalore
Posted Date : 16-4-2016
Place with rich beauty and intelligence. The service was excellent. Feel like coming back again and again.
R. Dhanshekar and Friends
Posted Date : 22-4-2016
We suddenly booked this place through a friend. It is quite pleasant and obvious view for spending our time. Nice Service.
S. Sasikumar and Friends
Posted Date : 24-4-2016
Fantastic place… Will be back here again and will stay for longer time… Food is good and can be done as you want. See you soon….
Vishwanath Kulkarni
Posted Date : 1-5-2016
Very good ambience. Courteous people. Overall a nice place to spend couple of peaceful days.
Deepan Velayutham
Posted Date : 8-5-2016
Very good atmosphere, climate good. Peaceful ambience.
Dr. Santhosh Kuriactor
Posted Date : 14-5-2016
Excellent & Peaceful location. Good hospitality and home food. One of our best experiences in my stays so far in the Nigiris‼ Wonderful. Suggest this place to others…..
Dr. Arvind Pattamatta, Chennai
Posted Date : 15-5-2016
Very good service & food is tasty. Nice Place.
Boopathi V
Posted Date : 16-5-2016
We love this cottage Chalet Mon Ami! We had a fabulous holiday. Thanks to Vidya and Anita! We will come back.
Reena & Ravi Nath, Deeksha, Anhad & Samar Nath Sheikh
Posted Date : 21-8-2016
Chalet Mon Ami is simply a wonderful repose amidst the greens of tea garden... Situated 39 km from Mettupalayam city and 6.3 km from the kotagiri bus terminus, this double A - shaped house overlooks lush greenery...From the front porch, at a height of 2623 metre, one can look at the blue mountains of ooty gazing at you from the opposite side.. The house comprises of 3 bedrooms - technically two bedrooms and a studio-turned-into-a-bedroom, a library(I must say, the collection of books is amazing), a very comfortable seating lounge, and a dining area which allows 8 persons to have their meals together. The meals are all home cooked... Far away from the noise and pollution of the ever-busy city life, these unadulterated foods will revitalise you. Foods coupled with the serene tranquillity will detox your body and soul. The caretaker, Mr. James and his family are simply superb. They look after you just like a family member. I remember, once I asked to give hot milk for a little kid in our group citing that she is not feeling well, and immediately Mrs. James brought a medicine box. Thankfully, we didn't need the medicines, but her gesture left us speechless. I really don't know how time passed - one moment we reached and next we realised 3 days have passed. Days began with hot refreshing teas looking at the blue mountains and a short walk around. The days were mostly sunny and we used the library to the full- just relaxing with a book. Lunch followed. The time between lunch and dinner passed with TT games or some other indoor games. Children can jump on the trampoline or use the swing. People, if you want a calm and quiet place, where you want to spend amidst nature, Chalet Mon Ami -is the place to be.
Dhriti Chatterjee
Posted Date : 3-1-2015
Excellent service by the staff
Srinivasan R, Coimbatore
Posted Date : 30-5-2016
Its heaven on the earth. Beautiful location, very peaceful. Jacob & family looked after us so lovingly and caringly. Will come again and again. Perfect place for meditation.
Mandar Godbole
Posted Date : 31/5/2016
We enjoyed this wonderful place for the last 3 days. Warm hospitality by Mr. Jacob and his family. Scenic location, great weather and well-designed house made it a delight to stay here.
Sameer Phatak
Posted Date : 25/6/2016
James anna and family it was indeed a pleasure to meet you all…. It was home away from home…. Cheerful and very hospitable…. The food was excellent…. Your guys made our stay comfortable without any complaints and patient. Looking forward for our next memorable stay and holiday with amazing food. Thanks.
Kaliappan K, Coimbatore
Posted Date : 16/2/2016
Wonderful stay and very warm hospitality! Wish I definitely hit again with family. Had God level experience!!!!!. Thanks t to the crew!
Mr. Dhangopal, Mr. Rai, Mr. Shankar, Mr. Satish
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